Check Google Indexing For Free With Index Checking Tool

Index Checker tool is a new and free bulk domain index checker tool. Index Checker tool quickly and easily access specific web pages that Google is able to drag or index on a website. Index Checker tool is a small SEO tools give us valuable information.

We present you with our new free bulk domain index checker tool. Webmaster and other users can check domain indexing in Google for multiple sites, domains and URLs. You can also download the files for own use. Index checking is a free tool for Google index checking and it exports results to. XLS file in one go to make work much easier.

The most important feature of this tool is to check indexing of multiple websites simultaneously. This is a unique tool in which we find which website domain is present in Google Index or not in it. Check each URL in Google to find whether it is indexed or not takes a lot of time.

Some features of Index Checking:

  1. This is fast easy to operate, bulk domains can be check at a single click.
  2. Bulk Google index checking tool is free for use of SEO.
  3. In this Index checking tool we check a lot of domains and URLs.
  4. Index checking tool support the 25 URLs at once.
  5. This is fast checking tool.
  6. The URL’s can be downloaded in Excel format.
  7. Use this free index checking tool.

Index checker tool in this tool each URL on Google to find weather indexed take a lot of time .We thought why not build a tool which can check in bulk weather a site is indexed in Google or not. This is a unique and fast checking Tool. This Bulk Google Indexing Checker Tool is free for use. Use this tool to find if you have a domain name then search the index of Google or not.

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